How to delete a repeat of group events
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Unfortunately, deleting the entire repeat directly within a repeated event is not feasible. To delete the entire repeat of an event, locate the original event where the repeat was initiated.

Ensure you perform the deletion process exclusively through the original event where the repeat was initially set up. This ensures accurate and comprehensive management of repeat schedules for your group events.

To remove a whole repeat:

  1. Select the original event.

  2. When prompted to delete the event, choose the option Following events to delete the entire repeat.

To delete a single repeat, click on the event you wish to remove and choose option Only this event.

How to delete a single repeat in the Reservio Business app

You can delete a single repeat in the mobile app, too.

  1. Find the repeated event you wish to delete in the calendar.

  2. Tap on the event to open its details.

  3. Look for the Edit icon represented by a pen or pencil.

  4. Click on the Delete icon, symbolized by a bin, and confirm the cancellation of the event.

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