The feature of passes and gift cards brings you the opportunity to reward your clients with special offers and gift cards that they can apply to their new bookings. The booking system allows you to manage three types of passes:

  • Time — valid for a certain period during which the system allows the client to make an unlimited number of bookings.

  • Credit — issued for a specific value, credit from which a value corresponding to the service price is deducted each time the client books.

  • Visit — valid for a specific number of visits; each time the client books a visit is deducted from the pass.

You can find passes in the Loyalty section under the Business tab. To create a new pass or gift card for your clients, click on the + New pass button. There you can choose the type of pass, its expiration, price, and also services for which it can be used.

  • For a credit pass, enter the number of credits, its name, and the price for which it has been purchased. You have the option to add an expiration date, by selecting a number of days, months, or years of your choice.

  • For a punch card or visit pass, fill in the number of entries or visits, if you want, the expiration date, and the name and price.

  • For a membership or time pass, fill in the name, price, and the period in which it expires. You can also add a price.

TIP: Note that passes are color-coded, making it easier for you to identify them:

  • Yellow means time pass

  • Purple means credit pass

  • Green means visits pass

As you can see in the picture below:

Each pass can be assigned to the clients in your account. Click on the Clients tab, select a specific client and click on the Add pass button. If the pass has limited validity, enter the expiration date.

You can also decide whether the assigned pass will be used for already scheduled bookings or just for new ones.

Each client with an assigned pass will have a little blue icon next to the name, and after opening the client's profile, you will see the current status of the assigned pass. The pass is automatically applied to each booking that is created in the system (after it's assigned).

TIP: Offer clients a discount to motivate them to buy credit, visit, or membership pass. For example, you can give them 10 entries for the price of 9 entries, or a time pass for a year for the price of a time pass for eleven months.

Where to find this setting in the Reservio Business app

You can create and edit passes and gift cards also in the Reservio Business app. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom bar, scroll down and select Loyalty. There you can see your existing passes. By clicking on the blue button Create you can make a new one. After you fill in all the details, don’t forget to save the pass by clicking on Create.

This feature is available in the Standard and Pro premium packages.

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