Along with creating a Reservio account, your Booking Website is set up as well. This Booking Website serves as an interface for creating bookings for your clients. The link to this page is located directly in your account, under the Marketing tab — Get bookings.

How to create a single appointment?

  1. In the initial part of the Booking Website, clients see a button Book now to create a new booking. In the section below, it is possible to display a list of provided services (from which they can choose immediately).

  2. After clicking on the Book now button, clients move to the next step, where they select a specific service. If the service is selected right at the beginning, clients get to the next step — choosing an employee.

  3. The step where clients select a specific employee is offered only if more than one employee is assigned to the selected service in your system. Clients can choose a specific person to whom they make a booking. If there are no preferences, there is an option of Anyone available. In this case, the reservation will be automatically assigned to any employee who is available on the selected date.

  4. In the next step, clients choose a specific date and time for the appointment. These are displayed on the Booking Website based on your availability settings, while this page only offers dates that are still available.

  5. In the last step, clients fill in the contact details and confirm the bookings. Fields with name, email address, and phone number are mandatory — without filling them in, it isn't possible to create a booking. Filling in the field with a note is optional.

After confirming the booking, clients are informed whether it has been saved correctly in the system. At the same time, if your account settings allow it, you, and also clients, receive a booking confirmation by email or SMS message. This booking will be reflected in your calendar immediately after creation.

How to book for an event?

  1. On the Booking Website, clients will see a button Book now to create a new booking.

  2. After clicking on it, they are redirected to the schedule of your events, from which they can choose the one in which they want to participate.

  3. Subsequently, they just fill in their name and contact details, as well as how many spots they want to book for this event (find out how to set how many seats can one client book). They can also add a note to their booking.

Successful creation of the booking will be confirmed by a message directly on the website. At the same time, if your account settings allow it, you and your clients will receive an email confirmation of the booking.

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