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Step 3: Launching online bookings
Step 3: Launching online bookings
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You can start accepting online bookings within 20 minutes. 🕒

  1. List your services offering

    To add services, use the “Add new service” button in the BusinessSchedulingServices section.

    For each service you add, fill in an appropriate and attractive name, details in the description, and the price. If you need other information from the client for your service, use the additional questions feature.

    Tip: Do you offer several different services? Categorize them to make it easier for you and your clients to navigate your offerings.

  2. Add your staff

    Add your staff to the Reservio account and clients will be able to select a specific employee when booking online. Under this link, you will create a profile for them and assign the services they provide. If you have the Standard or Pro plan, be sure to also fill in the email addresses of your staff members, so that they receive notifications of new bookings.

    Tip: You can allow your employees to log in and manage their reservations with the Pro plan.

  3. Set the opening hours

    When is your business open or what are your working hours? Simply set up the range of when you are able to provide services. You can differentiate your opening hours by day.

    Tip: If your employees work in shifts or just at different times, you can set their opening hours or adjust the working hours for a specific date.

  4. Create the booking rules

    To keep control of your schedule when your customers create bookings, set rules that the system automatically takes into account for each booking. Can a customer cancel the booking? If so, how many days before the date? Do you want to check each incoming booking manually or save yourself time with automatic approvals? Can anyone book or just your existing customers? All this can be easily set up in a few minutes in the booking rules settings in the Business SchedulingBooking rules.

  5. Share the Booking Website with your customers

    By setting up the previous settings, you have also filled in your Booking Website. Clients can find services, staff, and opening hours there and conveniently book within 10 seconds. The Booking Website is free of charge as a part of your account. Share its link (booking link) in messages, on social media, or use the Booking button on your website to guide clients to book online with you.

    Congratulations, you've successfully set it up! 🎉 You can save up to 15 minutes on each booking and attract new clients online with Reservio.

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