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Understanding online payments and booking cancellations
Understanding online payments and booking cancellations

When will the payment for the booking appear in my account, and how does booking cancellation work?

Updated this week

For users in the Czech Republic, we offer the feature of online payments. If you have online payments active, rest assured that every Monday, we initiate transfers for the previous week's transactions. When a client makes a payment, the processed amount will be transferred to your account the following week. While we send the money on Monday, please note that it may take a bit longer to reflect in your account.

It is important to note that the crucial factor for transferring money is the date of the transaction, not the date of the booking. This means that funds from transactions made within the week will be transferred on the subsequent Monday following the transaction date, not necessarily the Monday after the booking date.

We streamline the refund process for booking cancellations based on your established booking rules. When end customers comply with your cancellation rules, the refund is automatically processed, typically within 3 working days.

As the admin, if you cancel a booking before the scheduled service or event, we efficiently process the refund. However, for cancellations made after the event or service has started, a request to our Customer Care Team is necessary to initiate the refund. Without this request, the funds will not be returned to the client.

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