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Step 2: Initial settings of the booking system
Step 2: Initial settings of the booking system
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In the second step of the registration, you go through three categories related to the primary settings. They allow you to start planning and accepting reservations right away. You can also change or add any of these settings later in your account.

1. Add your information

This category focuses on basic information about your business:

  • You can see the pre-filled name of your company. You can’t edit it in this section, but you will have this option later, directly in the settings of your Reservio account.

  • In the Business type section, you find the selected types of bookings in your calendar. If you set the wrong type in the first step, you can change it now. After saving these settings, only our Customer Care can change the types of bookings in your calendar.

  • In the next section, you can set Opening hours. These times determine the exact range of when your clients can make bookings. After creating an account, you can change these settings, or add custom opening hours to individual employees.

  • An important part of the booking calendar is the business Address. You can also change it in the account settings.

  • Finally, you can add contact information — a telephone number. This information is optional.

2. Add your services

Add the services you want to provide to your clients.

  • In this initial stage, you can either add one service and add the rest later, or add all the services in this step.

  • In addition to the duration of the service, you can also define other settings. For example, the price, the color under which the booking of this service appears in your calendar, or a short description.

3. Who provides the services?

In the last section, you can create staff members’ profiles.

  • You can create either one staff member representing the entire business or make a profile for each of your staff members. You can change and add staff members' profiles later.

  • You can also assign them specific services, and in the advanced settings, you can add a short medallion to each of the staff members (for example, what services they focus on).

By finishing these initial settings, your account is ready to accept its first bookings! Feel free to continue with the exploration of all the features our booking system offers in the 14-day trial period.

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